Basic Netting - Broadleaf Cut Ultralite

BL03 - 1.5m x 3m BL9.2 - 1.5m x 9.2m
BL4.6 - 1.5m x 4.6m BL46 - 1.5m x 46m
BL06 - 1.5m x 6m BL78 - 1.5m x 78 m

All measurements are approximate


  • Our lightest net ever
  • 3-D leaf-like foliage in our Broadleaf cut for maximum concealment
  • Lightweight, strong and durable
  • Our popular Woodland reversible green/brown pattern
  • Treated to eliminate shine and glare
  • Waterproof fabric - will not become heavy and waterlogged
  • Rot/mould resistant
  • UV treated to increase product life
  • Pliable in extreme temperature ranges
  • Compacts easily